Our Philosophy

Montessori philosophy believes in independent learning in an assisted environment with teacher guidance and materials that are self-guiding in nature.

Practical life

Practical Life curriculum is designed to help children become independent and self-reliant. The curriculum includes lessons that focus on day-to-day tasks, such as caring for oneself and the environment, and developing social skills. By providing children with opportunities to practice these skills, our educators aim to empower children to take charge of their own lives and become confident, capable individuals.


Sensorial curriculum helps children refine and develop their five senses. It includes lessons that focus on various activities such as seeing differences in sizes, shapes, matching patterns, and identifying similarities and differences. By providing children with opportunities to practice these skills, children develop their sensory perception and learn to explore the world around them.


We offer a comprehensive set of math lessons that cover a wide range of topics, including learning and recognizing numbers, counting, multiplication, and division. Our diverse set of learning activities is designed to help students develop a strong foundation in math concepts. Additionally, we use multiple methods to teach the same concepts, ensuring that students have a well-rounded understanding.


We understand that language is key to communication. Recognizing the names of objects, building vocabulary, learning phonics, building simple words, learning to read out complex words, beginning to read simple sentences, then moving to large sentences are some of the topics covered under the language section. Grammar is also introduced to children when they are ready. There are multiple activities and lessons which enforce and reinforce the same concepts. Repetition is a way of learning for children.


While the traditional Montessori system does not include science, Gopa Montessori recognizes the importance of science education in today’s world. We offer a varied set of science lessons covering topics in geography, physics, botany, zoology, and astronomy to help students develop a well-rounded understanding of the world around them

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